Winter is Coming

Ok, so this evening is a very, very significant evening as GoT begins their seventh season. Yeah, I am still on season one. So, I guess I don’t need to worry about getting HBO!

Today I printed out the NJ Devils schedule. It is beautiful (unlike the RAGS) and am so excited for hockey to start. I even printed the Bruins so I can watch even MORE hockey.

I haven’t been on the computer a lot this week. We had a bit of OT available at work and then Thursday my family had a family emergency – so I didn’t sleep well. So, yesterday I ran errands and today I did a bit of cleaning. It is a never ending journey, unfortunately, as I have not yet trained Jake to clean. Heck, I clean off the table and go to dust and guess what – JAKE has his fat butt there. Oh well.

I did watch the Mets. Yes, winter is coming just not soon enough.  NJ reminded me today that soon it will be hockey time.


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