It’s Jake again. So, it is Wednesday. I am so confused. Daddy went away to work and left me home. But he was home yesterday. I am bound and determined to get into this cat food if it kills me. Well, to be honest, not being feed delicious Rachel Ray kitty food is torture. Doesn’t Daddy know that Rachel Ray is from Glens Falls?

Well, you may guess, I went to the Doctor a couple weeks ago and, well, I was told that I was fat. That’s right – it is in black and white FAT. Otherwise I am in good health, which is good, but the Doctor said that I need to be transitioned to wet food. (I guess boy cats like me need to have wet food to stay healthy). And the vet said that if I stop eating Rachel’s food I will lose weight, be healthier, and look better.

So, my question is, how can Rachel Ray be evil???  Never mind, she is a DOG person.

Happy Fourth of July

So it is the Fourth of July. Daddy and I are having a blast watching the Met’s play. Well, he is having a blast and I’m having a good nap.

Have a safe fourth of july. I’m back to sleeping