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Coming to Lutheranism from Evangelicalism

I have always admired Pastor Wolfmueller. He shares a story of his coming to the Lutheran Church. I firmly believe that American Evangelicalism has been a scourge to real Christianity and has promulgated the belief that Christians are about hate. Anyone who knows me should know that I am not a huge fan of organized religion and I don’t always agree with the way Christian beliefs are shared with others.


Disclaimer: This video is from a Steadfast Lutherans conference. This is a part of Brothers of St. John the Steadfast. I do not agree with or endorse the views, actions, and teachings of Brothers of St. John the Steadfast. 

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What makes a hate group?

I can remember hearing Judy Shepherd speak when I was a student at North Central College. And I can remember my friend Brandon talking about how he was a student out in Cheyenne at the time and how his reaction is. How we have decided to call everyone who doesn’t agree with us as hateful is beyond me.

My church body, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod has a show that I feel speaks well on the issue.   It is sad how we are moving toward a greater divide…here’s the link…

What do Alliance Defending Freedom, The American College of Pediatricians, and the Family Research Council all have in common?

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), they’re all hate groups.

Jim Campbell, senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, joined Worldwide KFUO host Kip Allen during June’s “Free to be Faithful” radio program to discuss how respectable groups have been labeled hate groups by the SPLC.

Campbell explains how the charge of “hate” is increasingly being used as a tool to delegitimize points of view and opinions that differ from the progressive narrative.

Listen to the broadcast at the LCMS.