Pen Dealers

So there have been a number of stores which I have purchased from. Some are still in business, others are not. Here is a list to get you started.

Brick & Mortar

  • Atlas Stationers – Chicago, IL. Free shipping over $25.
  • Century Pens (Closed) – This was a wonderful store in the Bank of America building in Chicago. The building was undergoing renovations and the owner, who was the most gracious guy, couldn’t weather the two year reno process and retired.
  • Executive Essentials (Closed?) – It seems that this place closed around 2018. It was originally in the Woodfield Mall and then moved to the back of Irv’s Luggage in Mount Prospect.
  • Flax Art & Frame. Chicago, IL. More of an art store but has some pen stuff.
  • Pen Place* – Kansas City, free shipping over $50
  • Pieritz Bros. – Oak Park, IL
  • West Suburban Office Supply (closed) – Elmhurst, IL. They were recently purchased by Runco so I don’t know if they have any fountain pens stuff anymore. It doesn’t appear so.
  • WorldLux (Closed)

Online/Brick & Mortar

  • Anderson Pens* – Appleton, WI – I’m told they have a large selection of ink and have great service. They offer free shipping at either $40 or $50. Apparently they now have a Chicago Store at the Palmer House Hilton which is unafiliated with their online store. I must go next time I am in Chicago.
  • Art Brown (closed) – A NYC shop that got pushed out by high rents. So sad.
  • Bertram’s Inkwell* – Rockville, MD
  • Birmingham Pen Shop* – Pittsburgh, PA. Free shipping over $50. Has their own pen line.
  • Broomfield Pen Shop* – Boston MA. Yeah, I was a few blocks away and I didn’t stop.
  • Colorado Pen *- Lakewood, CO
  • Fahrneys Pens – Washington, DC (free shipping over $100) – This is one of the anchors of the industry,
  • Fountain Pen Hospital – This is perhaps the best known anchor of the industry. Located in the Wall Street area of NYC. They are Zagat rated.
  • Iguana Sell* – Madrid, Spain. Free shipping over $150.
  • Paper Dolls Saratoga* – Saratoga Springs, NY. Apparently has Diplomat fountain pens and the store is near me. Limited selection.
  • Papier Plume* – New Orleans, LA.
  • Pen Boutique* – Columbia, MD. Free shipping over $50.
  • Pen Lovers Paradise * – Virginia Beach, VA
  • Truphae* – Greenville, SC. Free shipping over $20. Apprently a new place.
  • Vaness * – Little Rock, AR – Free shipping over $40.
  • The Writing Desk – I got my Caran D’Ache Dumas here. Martin was a delight to deal with even though I’m across the pond!

Online Only

  • Cult Pens* – Apparently the Pelikan place to go
  • Goldspot * – Free shipping over $75
  • Goulet Pens – Brian and Rachel Goulet are young. Younger than me. Brian started making pens and videos about pens. He has slowly grown from his garage to where he now has his own online store and over 40 employees. Their prices are competitive and the service is top notch. Brian also is a person of faith and a bicyclist and runs his business in a positive and ethical way. On Reddit and Facebook.
  • iPenStore – Free Shipping over $50
  • JetPens – free shipping over $25. They are a Japenese store so they sell a lot of unique Japanese items. From what I understand they are people of faith as well.
  • Nibs.Com* – Stocks a lot of Japanese pens. Apparently free shipping on everything. They don’t have budget pens.
  • Payton Street Pens – Teri is absolultely a joy to work with. She sells new-old stock items and I’ve purchased several items from her and it is always a perfect experience. She even had me in tears when I was able to get my Pelikan Technixx replaced which I lost in a fire. That is one hard pen to find and she had it!
  • Pen Chalet – I’ve heard good things about this place so I ordered. They shipped in 2 hours…
  • Pen Lovers Paradise* – Free shipping over $55.

Auction Sites

  • Missing Pens* – Apparently the best place for Lamy
  • Speerbob
  • Peyton Street Pens (terim

*- I have not purchased from nor shopped at this store….yet.