I am a fountain pen afficionado. I had a pretty good collection of pens going before my neighbor burned down my house and I lost all of my fountain pens…so slowly I have been rebuilding. You can find my prior collection here.

I currently have a number of fountain pens:

  • *Scheaffer 330 (Imperial) – Red; FP (fine) & BP from Payton Street Pens (4/2015)
  • *Pelikan P99M Technixx Fountain Pen – Red from Payton Street Pens (4/2015)
  • Lamy Al-Star from Massdrop (5/2015)
  • Lamy Logo from Massdrop (5/2015)
  • Sheaffer Sagaris Metallic from Fountain Pen Hospital (2/2015)
  • Parker Jotter Fountain Pen from Amazon (12/2016)
  • Cross Aventura – Fire Engine Red from Office Depot
  • Pilot Metropolitan Black from Amazon

I don’t have as much ink:

  • Noodlers Ellis Island Blue Black from Fountain Pen Hospital (2/2015)
  • Lamy Black